President Ilham Aliyev about Baku White City


President Ilham Aliyev about Baku White City

"The development of Baku is ongoing, our city is becoming prettier and improving. We have now started implementing another major project -- the White City.

This project carries a remarkably symbolic meaning because it envisages development on an area that was historically dubbed as the "black city".

The White City project is being demonstrated at international exhibitions. This will be a large residential center. It will be a development project equal to the establishment of a small city.

In other words, we are talking about a new, modern, environmentally friendly and beautiful construction project to be implemented in the most environmentally unfavorable location of Baku, on lands polluted with oil and oil residue. Residential houses, offices, shopping centers, recreation parks will be built there, and a boulevard overlooking the sea will be built. So this is a project requiring vast resources. We will finance it from the state budget, but most of the workload will be assumed by the private sector.

We have taken all the measures necessary to develop the private sector and protect foreign investment in Azerbaijan. I think the White City project will secure a place on the map of world cities as a manifestation of a new strategy on the development of our city and country. I repeat that this project must be implemented mainly using private funds. Therefore, we must attract investors, including foreign, and I hope we can do that."