Olympic District

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Detailed Masterplan - ATKINS

One of the largest districts of Baku White City was designed as part of Baku city’s bid to host the Olympic Games in the year 2020. The quarter is designed as an independent area with mixed-use development.


Area – 326.00 ha and GFA 5,326,619 sq.m. and 42,325 parking places.

Residential – 3,033,051 sq.m.

Office – 568,158 sq.m.

Retail – 1,612,064 sq.m.

Landscape – green 2,200 m promenade, streets, pedestrian zones and a large park.


The area is designed to be a district with new residences, commercial units and public spaces, expanding the city towards eastern part of Baku.


A large park encourage to spend time outdoors, as well as guiding people down to waterfront promenade.