Babek Quarter

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Detailed masterplan - ATKINS

The proposed concept is to retain the existing use of the area along Babek Avenue known for its furniture, cars, construction materials and trade-oriented activities. Accordingly, 7 and 20-storey residential and commercial buildings with large open plan podiums are offered.


Area – 30.82 ha and GFA 542,428 sq.m. and 5,973 parking places.

Residential – 329,256 sq.m.

Offices – 83,069 sq.m.

Retail – 122,064 sq.m.

Landscape – green streets, pedestrian zones and square.


An efficiently planned area with wide streets and many parking spaces, ideally suited for residential and commercial purposes. Direct access to Babek Avenue makes it an ideal trading location.


Landmark office building at the entrance from Babek Avenue, local square and school.