Green Hill

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Detailed masterplan – ATKINS

To the west, close to the metro station and Fountain Square located a quarter with 30 villas, framed by Parisian-style low-rise housing. The elegant Baku White City Office Building at the quarter create a unique atmosphere and is a valuable contribution to the modern architecture of Baku.


Area – 25.76 ha and GFA 306,634 sq.m. and 3,000 parking places.

Residential – 191,520 sq.m.

Offices – 57,658 sq.m.

Retail – 57,456 sq.m.

Landscape – green streets and villas with gardens.


Specially secured space with villas in the centre of the city with limited number of low-rise buildings and low residential density.


The stunning Baku White City Office Building that acts as an appropriate gateway to Baku White City.