In respect of the Decree from September 28th, 2006 by His Excellency ILHAM ALIYEV, The President of the Azerbaijan Republic, entitled "COMPREHENSIVE ACTION PLAN FOR IMPROVING THE ECOLOGICAL CONDITIONS IN THE AZERBAIJAN REPUBLIC DURING 2006 – 2010"

Resolution of the Head of Baku City Executive Power to ADEC - Azerbaijan Development Company for the designing and contraction of new residential buildings and public establishments on the basis of the approval of the State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic, Decree № 262, 11.06.2007;

The Approval of Masterplan

Head Office of Architecture and Town-Building under the Executive Power of Baku City, "Masterplan Approval", 18/04-122, 20.05.2010;

The Approval of Masterplan

Under The Head Office of the State Committee of Town-Building and Architecture of Azerbaijan Republic, " Approval of the Masterplan for BWC development" No. 04/04 - 506, 21.06.2010.