Facts & Figures

Baku White City is one of the modern world's largest projects and is built on land that has been ecologically reclaimed from a former industrial area.

Facts and Figures

One of the biggest

Baku White City will be one of the largest modern projects in the world, built entirely on ecologically reclaimed industrial zone.

- 1650 ha development

Baku White City will encompass 1650 ha, making it largest development in Caucasus region - more than the size of Icheri Shahar in Baku and bigger than Monaco.

280 000 residents

When completed Baku White City will be able to accommodate approximately 130,000 people, which is more than the population size of Andorra.

- 350 ha landscape

More than half of the Hyde Park - one of the largest parks in London.

10 districts

Baku White City consists of 10 neighboring districts. The effective use of land for the development of each district is crucial for the realisation of the entire masterplan.

- About 15 mln sq.m. gross built area

- Up to 120 000 residential and commercial units

- 240 000 workplaces

When completed Baku White City will be able to provide 100 000 workplaces.

- Around 200 000 parking places

Extension of Boulevard Line

BWC will add 10 km to existing Boulevard Line of Baku, making it largest in the world.

65 meters proposed observation wheel

Waterfront line will accommodate 65 meter high observation wheel – twice the current and higher than Roue de Paris.

- Up to 4 ha new Fountain Square

Baku White City's Fountain Square will be twice the size of the current Fountain Square (2 ha).

Landmark for each district

Throughout BWC there are buildings and structures intended as 'landmarks', to help people orientate themselves and to prevent the environment from appearing to be homogenous. The various landmarks include tall and distinctive singular buildings, gateway structures and bridges, with many sited at the end of unique viewing corridors to enhance the 'visual' effect.

Largest Retail & Entertainment Centre 

Largest Retail & Entertainment Centre of the region will be located in Baku White City.

Open Mall

Baku White City Fountain Square will be a place for a modern Open Retail & Entertainment Centre connecting to Baku City Mall via Nobel Avenue bridge.

New metro station

New metro station within Baku White City with exits along the Nobel avenue, one more interchange station on the Northern border of the development – Babek avenue.

1.55 FAR

1.55 - this will be Floor-to-Area ratio of Baku White City.

Proximity to City Center

4 km away from Baku's historical centre.