The European Economic Commission of the United Nations (UNECE) is preparing the 3rd Periodic Report on the Environmental Activity of the Republic of Azerbaijan for 2010-2020. The report is aimed at assessing the progress of the country in the formation of national policies and the implementation of international environmental commitments through the coordination of environmental and economic goals.

A group of international experts, appointed by the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe, visited our country to prepare a report. During the visit, Mr. Alessandra Fidanza, International Adviser on Environment and Climate Change, Responsible Architect and Urban Development Manager, and Ms. Stephanie Petralla, Architect, visited the Baku White City project.

The experts were informed about the analysis of transport, infrastructure and construction experience of big cities in the process of development of White City. The guests got acquainted with the images of the historically oil-contaminated territories of the Black city, the illegal construction, got information about the construction of bicycle and pedestrian roads, schools, hospitals and other social facilities in the White City. It was noted that Baku White City project is one of the largest environmental projects based on modern urban planning principles. The delegation made a tour at White City and got acquainted with the work done.