Karabakh Horses Square of Baku White City nears completion


Karabakh Horses Square of Baku White City nears completion on the eve of Azerbaijan's victory in the Patriotic War, making it very symbolic.

Within the framework of the Baku White City Roads and Infrastructure Projects, the State Agency for Roads of Azerbaijan is currently working to commission 7 roads of various lengths. 

The city communications servises carried our a large-scale work to provide an exit to Babek Avenue for the network of roads at Central Park District, consisting of residential, administrative, retail, office buildings, schools and green areas. Water supply lines with a diameter of 500 mm, high and medium pressure gas lines with a diameter of 400 mm, a 35 kV power transmission line were transferred from Babek Avenue and brought in line with Baku White City project.

Completion works are carried out by the State Agency for Roads of Azerbaijan, the Baku Transport Agency, the "Safe City" Service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, OJSC "AZERSU", OJSC "AZERISHIG", PO "AZERIGAZ", Delta Telecom and LLC UlTel - ramps for strollers, protective bollards, security cameras, water supply systems, sewage and rainwater systems, gas supplies, as well as power supply and telecommunication cables.

Karabakh Horses Square on the central street of the same name is designed as a 2-kilometer unobstructed pedestrian promenade from Babek Avenue in the north, through Fountain Square, along the pedestrian bridge across Nobel Avenue to the White City seaside boulevard. The opening of the street will provide additional convenient access to the White City road network to Babek Avenue.

An organized movement of pedestrians and cars is planned on a 4-lane street with a length of 470 meters and a width of 37 meters - in accordance with the requirements of the White City project, ramps and elevated crossings are provided on the street, street names are duplicated on 6 meters wide sidewalks laid out in a special style, green areas, road signs and maps are installed to guide residents and guests of the city, bicycle parking, as well as containers for waste and benches are being organized. There is a green plaza and a parking lot along the pedestrian road. The street faces Babek Avenue in the north and Central Park in the south. The square of Karabakh Horses, located in the center of the street, is decorated with a thoughtful landscape of evergreen trees.

Baku White City project is implemented within the framework of “Comprehensive action plan for improving the ecological conditions in the Azerbaijan Republic during 2006 - 2010” and according to the order of the Executive Power of Baku City dated June 11, 2007 approved by the Presidential Decree. The project, which is characterized by environmental orientation, sustainability and integrity, has been recognized by international professionals as one of the largest urban development projects of our time.

Baku White City was awarded in the nomination "The Best Urban Development Project" at various international competitions.

Thousands of residents live in high-quality and modern urban environment in Baku White City quarters today. The designed and constructed buildings, parks and public places continue to contribute to the beautiful architectural appearance of Baku.