Prophylactic and disinfection measures are strengthened in Baku White City


As part of large-scale measures taken in Baku to prevent cases of coronavirus infection, the streets of Baku White City are regularly disinfected with the help of special communal equipment.

Sidewalks of streets, avenues, as well as roads are washed with special disinfectants. The focus is also on the streets of Hagani Rustamov, Central Boulevard, 1st Green Hill and other streets of White City.

Disinfection is also carried out in parks, gardens and on playgrounds.

According to the Civil and Housing Code, disinfection of buildings managed by Housing and Construction Cooperatives is carried out by repair teams at the expense of shareholders. Preventive and disinfection measures are carried out in the courtyards of residential buildings, entrance parts, in elevator cabins, on stairwells, containers, children's and sports grounds, in parking lots.

Preventive measures are also taken at enterprises and office centers operating in Baku White City.

Awareness raising events are also being held to ensure that every resident follows personal and collective hygiene requirements.