Baku White City opens a significant crossroad


New Central Boulevard street originates from the circle at Khagani Rustamov street, and, crossing Nobel Avenue, joins the future Boulevard Road.

At the intersection of the new Central Boulevard street with Nobel avenue, a crossroads was designed and built to organize the movement of cars, pedestrians and cyclists. For the priority of pedestrians and cyclists at the intersection, road markings and signs, as well as protective bollards, are provided. For the convenience of city residents, according to Baku White City Master Plan, also a two-way bicycle path is planned on a greened pedestrian promenade 20 meters wide along Nobel avenue.

The crossroads located between the magnificent London-style Knighstbridge Residence and the large park complex provide an additional car access to White City districts from Nobel avenue.

Work on completing the construction of the Central Boulevard street is carried out by the State Automobile Roads Agency of Azerbaijan. The Baku Transport Agency, the Safe City Service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, AZERSU OJSC, AZERISHIG OJSC, AZERIGAZ PA, Delta Telecom and UlTel LLC provided installation of aboveground and underground infrastructure - providing ramps for strollers, protective bollards, security cameras, water supply systems, sewage and rainwater, gas supply, as well as power supply channels and IT cables.

In the future the intersection of Central Boulevard street and Nobel avenue is planned to be controlled by traffic lights, also it will connect to the future Boulevard Road and provide free movement of cars to the Waterfront Quarter and White City Boulevard.

Baku White City is carried out under the Decree of the President Ilham Aliyev on the approval of the «Plan of complex measures to improve the environmental situation in Azerbaijan in 2006-2010».