Baku White City is developing a new pedestrian bridge


Pedestrian bridges along with other transport facilities deal with important urban challenges and are an integral part of urban architecture. Baku White City is developing a new pedestrian bridge to serve the same goals. The overground pedestrian bridge across Nobel Avenue will connect north and south parts of White City and become a new sightseeing of the Avenue.

237 meters long and 7 to 14 meters wide bridge’s upper level will exit to the center of ​​Fountain Square district to the north, and on the third floor of Baku City Mall in the south. The lower level will exit at Central Plaza office buildings’ plaza. Pedestrians will also get a comfortable passage to a nearby White City subway station.

Project is developed by the Dutch architectural firm UN Studio. Founded in 1988, the studio is developed numerous architectural, infrastructural and urban projects in the United States, the Netherlands, Austria, Taiwan, etc.

Unique design by UN Studio offers safety of pedestrians, urban furniture, wide space for flexible movement and inviting atmosphere. There are two towers arranged as a triangle consisting of reinforced concrete in the center of the bridge. Landscaping will transform the pass into a pleasant promenade. All these elements make a living public space out of a footbridge.

The pedestrian bridge, which is considered one of the landmarks of Baku White City is the only of a kind in Azerbaijan.